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15mm Fantasy Miniatures - New Site at

Hex Based Fantasy Strategy Game
Hex Board
Figure Ranges
Dwarf Army
Orc/Goblin Army
Comparison Pics Goblins
GFI 10mm
Mystery Figures

Here's some stuff on 15mm fantasy miniatures and games, including a list of all current ranges with links to on-line retailers and pictures if available. I've also include some suitable 10mm ranges and a few OOP ranges.

The next series of pages are pictures of my 15mm fantasy armies.

Finally a few comparison pictures from the figures I have.

You should also be able to find game reports, home brewed rules, house rules, army list and misc stuff added slowly over time.

Hope you find something useful or interesting on your visit here.

I've moved over to Google Sites. Head there for the lastest 15mm Fanatasy Ranges. This one is a little out of date.

10 Oct 2006

I'm working on a Hexboard System for a strategic fantasy game. I'll be posting a few pictures as a I go.

Also added 2 pictures comparing Bloodawn, Eureka and Chariot Dwarves.

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