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This is a list of all currently manufactured 15mm fantasy ranges. Please let me know if I am missing any. I have also included a few 10mm ranges which are particularly useful.

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Currently manuafactured 15mm fantasy ranges.


Description and Comments

Alternative Army

Apart from the usual, the range has a nice collection of larger creatures and a dogmen army. They comprise a large part of my Dwarf army.

The are slowly adding figures from the Tabletop range. Only Lizardmen so far.

UK source and pics

US source and pics

Black Raven Foundry

Rather nice, largish figures sold in packs of ~40.

US source and pics

Black Hat

Their Martian Empires range has a few very suitable figures, especially the flying and float brains called Cephalods. Many figures would work straight out of the pack, others need a little work removing sci-fi weapons ... unless you want them of course.

UK source and pics

Blood Dawn

Also known as Shadow Corp from Reaper.

The sculpts are very large for 15mm but some, like the lizardmen are very nice if you can fluff away the size.

Pics of the Dwarves in the Dwarf Comparison page.

Europe source and pics

UK source

Chariot Miniatures

A large range with lots of unusual sculpts. Plus they have a huge rande of Ancients as well. This is the manufacturer I would recommend if you want to single source.

Chariot UK with pics


A huge range of very nice figures. Sold in large packs and at a premium price.

OOP as of Sep '06. Still available if you look around. Try Brookhurst Hobbies (US) and Wargames Warehouse (UK).

UK source

US source and pics

Dragon Fantasy

Haven't seen many of the figures so I can't say much.

Warrior UK (no pics)

East Riding Miniatures

Some unique figures, e.g. the Rhinomen.


US source and pics

Essex Miniatures

Only seen a few packs and those look fine if a bit dated.

Essex UK


Most excellent sculpts. Sadly the Wood Elves and Dwarves are very large, the Elves being 20mm to the eyes. The Orcs and Half-Orcs are perfect though.

Eureka (Aust)

Evil Gong

Lots of unique sculpts though the castings are not the best.

Evil Gong (*Aust)


Another range with lots of variety. They "paint up well."

Irregular (No pics)

Eureka (no pics)


Haven't held any in my hands.

Stronghold (no pics)

Mighty Armies

The only source of reindeer cavalry in 15mm ... or any scale as far as I know.


Peter Pig

The highlight are the Gnomes.

Peter Pig

Splintered Light

An infinite variety of beastmen of the cat, hyena, bear and badger variety and very nice sculpts as well.

Splintered Light

Thane Games

Unique wolfen, snakemen and demons and all very nice. On the large side but no matter since they aren't humans.

Thanes Games

Tin Soldier

The style may not to be to everyones taste but I think it works in fantasy. I especially like their Aztecs.

Tin Soldier (no pics)

A short list of 10mm fantasy ranges. My 15mm Goblin army uses a large number of 10mm figures.

Description and Comments
Source and/or
Small but beautiful range of Orcs and Goblins bery suitable for LOTR.


Small range of Centaurs, Orcs, Lizardmen and a Goblin. Tom of GFI sent me a pack of the full range, just click the link of the left menu to see the pics.

GFI (No pics)

Games Workshop
From their Warmaster and BOFA ranges

Games Workshop

Some of the sculpts are the same as Pendraken except that they are based in strips.


Huge range of figures, all individually based. I have some pics in the Goblin and Contraptions comparision pages.
Huge range of figures, all individually based.


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