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Mystery Figures

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Mystery Figures

I recently won a ebay auction of a huge mixed lot of 15mm fantasy figures, over 500 of the little buggers. Most I've been able to identify, though sometimes I have to go by sculting style or even base shape and thickness.

There are still a few mystery figures, plus a few others from previous ebay wins.

Very grateful if anyone can help me ID them.


Picture 1

Fig 1 Probably Tin Soldier?

Fig 2 ID as Irregular by Captain Arjun.

Fig 3 I think might be Tin soldier based on the figure riding it.


Picture 2

I think Tabletop, Tabletop, and then 3 Rank & File Orcs.


Picture 3
Some these I'm guessing may be Jacobite because of the base shape and size.


Picture 4

These are from an older ebay win. Probably pre-own by a RPGer cause there where lots of single figures. Maybe Essex cause there were quite a few Essex figures in the lot. But these have biger bases. Tabletop is a more likely possibility.


Picture 5
These have the small Essex bases but I could't find the Essex marked under the base. Might have been filed off.

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